I’ve reached 100 followers, so I’m celebrating— which means you get to celebrate too! So I’m having a contest, and the prize is… a $50 gift certificate to Right Stuf! Get ready to click reblog, kids (as soon as you read these simple rules!):

*IT’S AN ONLINE CERTIFICATE. Which means I can send it to anyone in the world as long as you have internet connection :D Aren’t you happy that it’s not limited to the U.S?
*YOU HAVE TO BE FOLLOWING ME TO WIN. This is a gift to my online friends, not to strangers.
*YOUR ASK BOX HAS TO BE OPEN FOR YOU TO WIN. I need a way to contact you, duh! The contest ends September 20th, at 5:00 pm PST. If I can’t reach you within two days, I’ll have to give your prize to the runner-up.
*YOU CAN ONLY REBLOG UP TO FIVE TIMES A DAY. Likes count! The winner will be determined with a random number generator.

Other than that, go crazy! :3 And thanks again for sticking with me, guys; I love you all!

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